The Angel Perez Project and Guitars and Cadillacs Cover Band!


Angel Perez Lead Vocals / Guitar

Music has been a part of Angel Perez’s life since his first guitar was put in his hands at the early age of eleven. As a boy, Angel loved walking down the street, strumming his guitar, listening to neighbors clapping and cheering for him. The warmth and acceptance he felt in his heart as he played, gave him the confidence to start writing songs while he was in his teen years. Since then, Angel Perez has been performing live as a solo act. In building Guitars & Cadillacs, Angel sought out the best musicians with the right mix of experience in all types of music to provide the highest quality sound and best crowd experience possible!

Dan Hawk Lead Guitar

The guitar has always been Dan's passion. Even as a 2 year old child he always had a guitar in his hands. At 8 years old he began to learn the guitar and started playing in church at the age of 12. He has performed in many bands, performed nationwide with styles ranging from rock, tejano, jazz, gospel and country. This wide range of styles formed his playing into what it is today. Joining the band in 2016, Dan handles the many and varied guitar parts of the band as well as promotions. His hobbies include golf, hot rods, scuba diving and fishing.

Johnny Ray Keyboards

Johnny Ray played the hard rock circuit out of Denver, touring nationally through the late 1970's until he returned to his hometown of Tucson. He played pop music with several noteable bands throughout the 80's including Ronnie Montrose, Orphan Annie and others before joining the Tejano scene in 2007 playing with Se Salin, Suerte and Sun City Groove band. Several years ago Johnny ventured into working his craft into the world of country music- joining our band in late 2016. Johnny's mastery of the keyboard brings the lush textures and backdrop that makes Guitars & Cadillac's sound so unique and enjoyable.

Peter Gorritz Bass / Vocals

Peter joined us in August of 2017. His bass skills bring a solid foundation to the band. His involvement with many bands in Tucson and internationally have honed his skills perfectly for this band.

Bobby "OSO" Navarette Drums / Vocals

Bobby joined the band in July of 2017. Playing since we was 5, Bobby's skills on the skins garnered him a lot of attention in Tucson as well as other cities. He has played in a wide variety of music genres including Heavy Metal, Tejano, Country and variety bands with many groups. Bobby brought the rhythm that we needed with his solid beats, and is a very welcome and vital addition to the band.

Concert Venues

Guitars & Cadillacs is the perfect concert venue band as support or main feature.

Casino Appearances

Bring in the crowds and keep them with Guitars & Cadillacs shows! Specifically designed for casino venue appearances.

Night Clubs

Our unique choice of tribute material will bring attention and business to your nightclub.